Bird of Pray

by Hummingbird Thunder

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released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Hummingbird Thunder San Francisco, California

Hummingbird Thunder
is a testament that true Hip Hop is alive and well.
As shamanic soul sonic medicine carriers they bring the sacred ceremony to every show.
This mystical musical trinity breaks all the rules, busts through every box, and gives you exactly what you have been waiting for. Their first full length album titled 'Apotheosis' 2012, is now available.
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Track Name: Regal Time feat. Oak Tree Fire Man
verse 1 (narayan from zion)

Principles of being in a cosmic storm
galactic federation jedis use the force
remove all obstacles from out the way
welcome to the golden age
back home to the promised land we go
heaven on earth on a blessed red road
march to the rhythm of a brand new vibe
an inter galactic supernatural tribe
we manifested here just to change the time
align with your spirit and use your mind
from the mt top of zion we heard the truth
that you and me are free in our cosmic suits
wisdom passed through a psychic chord
telepathic neuro pathways from the source
lighting up our love from beyond the pain
live inside our hearts from beyond the brain
move inside this world as a constant change
realize we are here from beyond the frame
So many lifetimes passed and gone
embodied in the generation see the dawn...

Verse 2 (Maiden Space)
Theres a regal light, in the heart and mind of your Soul, ah ha
It comes right through your eyes, and the reason why, is unknown, yeah
It brings you through the storm, your life re born dont you want to know
Where you go and where you've been to crawl inside my heart again
this ancient song sings me again, theres no place to lie or pretend,
ill watch you go inside at dawn, the cave walls are your protection
let me see through your eyes now, the holy soul will show you how.

Verse 3 ( Alon Oak Tree)
Meditation. Been ridin on the edge like the day that breaks
Across oceans and lakes, spherical planes, rotational planets,
perpetual motions, waves rockin back and forth in oceans
Put the moment into action, apply philosophy
become your higher being, flowers bloomin
cosmic tune aligned with the way your movin
grace and ease, enjoying the blessed mysteries
feeling the chi, abundant energy, flowing free,
connecting deep, live simply harness power from the earth
to the outskirts of the universe, only so much can be said with words
describing messages, observations of the way it is.

Verse 3 (dove mosis)
This story begins in the water of the womb
from the cradle to the tomb, before father time,
Before the daughter of the moon, before the butterfly,
the cocoon. Wanderer awaken, land of imagination,
wrapped like a child in the blanket of creation
guided by the voice of the phoenix
as i arrive in the temple of the priestess
sweet lips taste like the juice of peaches
held inside her palms was jupiter and venus
infectious aura, enchantingly regal,
her eyes revealed to me the healing of all people
her heart held the keys that eliminate all evil
her breasts held the secrets of the milky way
she illuminate my soul like a golden ray
I closed my eyes for a moment and i heard the sky melt
unlocking the buckle on Orions Belt
Multi dimensional sensual self crack the shell
Hummingbird Thuner, Bottomless Well
As we liberate consciousness from this toxic spell.